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A Jyorei Experience
Chuck Easter (New York)

Shortly after I received my Ohikari,* I got a call from a massage client of mine from whom I hadn’t heard in a long time. In the past, she had come regularly and I had gotten to know her quite well. As it turned out, she had lost her job and was now living in a homeless shelter. She asked if I could give her a massage, even though she couldn’t pay for it. I agreed, knowing that she suffered many pains from an auto accident she had been in. After the massage, I asked her if she would like to receive Jyorei and she agreed.

Over the period of a few months, she continued to come for massage and Jyorei. Life in the homeless shelter was difficult—some of the tougher women routinely threatened to beat her up, and the environment was not conducive to healing or job seeking. Nonetheless, she persisted. I let her use my computer and fax machine to help her in her job search.

While still unemployed, she reconnected with some old friends and was able to move out of the shelter. Some time after that, she found work and was able to rent a room of her own. In another few months, she reconnected with a friend in a different part of the country and moved there. She recently called and told me that she had found a very good job out there and thanked me for the massage and Jyorei, which she felt gave her the strength to get herself out of the homeless shelter.

I’m grateful to God for letting me make a difference in one person’s life.

* An ohikari is a small, individual Scroll of Light worn by all Shumei members when giving Jyorei.