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Being a True Friend
Mary Ann Scott (Hollywood)

Mary Ann Scott has been giving Jyorei since December 4, 1990. She is
a practitioner of Oriental Medicine, and says that patients who have received Jyorei have experienced dramatic improvements—well beyond what would normally be expected in
a general practice.

In early December, I received a cellular phone call from the son of a dear friend. His mother was in the emergency room of a local hospital, and he was en route there from work. She was experiencing tremendous pain in the waist area of her back. He said his mother had tried to reach me, but that I wasn’t home. He asked me if I could come to the hospital. I said, “Sure, I’ll be there in about 20 minutes.”

When I entered her emergency room, I was glad to see that she was very alert. She was glad to see me. She described the pain she was experiencing, and said she was afraid it was a kidney stone. Years ago, she had suffered with a kidney stone and it felt very similar. Her son was already in the room with her, and I could see that his presence was very calming to her, despite the bustle of nurses and orderlies into and out of the room and the various activities they were undertaking on her behalf. We visited briefly, and I wondered what I could do to help her in the midst of all of the chaos of an emergency room. I said, “Why don’t I give you Jyorei?” She said, “Oh, that will be wonderful.” After I shared Jyorei with her, she said, “I feel so much better now, the pain is much less sharp.” I could see her face relaxing as the pain became more manageable, and I was very grateful to be the means of such a transformation in her suffering.

They wheeled her out of the room for an X–ray. After some time, she was back and they finally confirmed that she had one quite large kidney stone that had been released by the kidney. It was in progress through her urinary system. This was the cause of her significant pain. Additionally, they reported that she had another four or five kidney stones that would likely be released by the kidney into the urinary system within the next week or two. As the stone was no longer in the kidney, there was nothing the doctors could do but prescribe a muscle relaxant/pain reliever for her and discharge her. They expected her to pass the large kidney stone within the next 24 hours.

I went to her home the next day, and gave her Jyorei continuously for about 25 minutes. Amazingly, she never passed the large kidney stone. Instead, she passed some “sand and grit.” This was much less painful than passing a sizeable kidney stone. I remarked to her that she was really lucky. She said, “Of course, you gave me Jyorei. It was the Jyorei. The minute you gave me Jyorei in the hospital, everything changed.”

Over the last two months, she has had intermittent episodes of intense pain due to the other kidney stones, but she has weathered them all very well. She now appears to be well on the road to a full recovery.

I am sincerely grateful to have helped my friend through this intensely painful time. Even though I practice Oriental Medicine, it is very frustrating to be in emergency room with a dear friend or family member, and feel unable to do anything to help. I want everyone who reads this to know that there is something each one of us can do at such a time: give Jyorei.

It is so easy to become caught up in the high drama of an emergency room, or so intimidated by all the bells and whistles of modern medical equipment and the efficiency of staff that we might not dare to give Jyorei in such a setting. Just know that it’s OK to have those feelings, but go ahead and be a true friend and give Jyorei anyway. After all, everything that can be done medically is being done. That leaves us free to address the cause of all suffering by giving Jyorei to cleanse the spirit of accumulated spiritual clouds.