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A Vision of Eden
Roberto Muttoni (Milan)

Roberto Muttoni is an exceptionally active yet relatively new member of Shumei Italy, having received his ohikari on July 25 of this year. The following is an address that he delivered at Shumei Europe's seventh Anniversary Celebration, hosted by Shumei's Milan Center.

I am deeply honored to have been chosen as a witness here in front of you, even if at the beginning I was not so sure what to say or, better, how to say something that is so difficult to speak about. It seems the best thing to do is to tell you the “truth,” even if at times it may seem trivial. This is why I think it would be marvelous to listen to all of you, because I think each one of you has real and fantastic things to tell us, things that come from the heart.

I would like to start by telling you that approximately two years ago I had a dream. I dreamt of a completely green mountain, covered by thick woods. On it was a spot where people could gather to live as if they were in Paradise, the fantastic world of the mythological Eden found in the book of Genesis. At first, I thought it was a “well–being” resort, the usual kind of beauty farm, but there was something bigger about it that I could not quite grasp.

After my dream, the first thing I did was to enter a website called Edenspace (www.edenspace.it). I am telling you this so you can believe me. In fact, I registered with this site before my encounter with Shumei. But Edenspace did not provide an ideal vision at all comparable with that in my dream.

Somewhat later, I was introduced to Shumei at a health fair in Milan. What stuck me first was exactly the sense of my heart opening. Passing by Shumei Italy's stand, I was invited to experience Jyorei. I had not even read the leaflets on the table. In short, I was taken by surprise. As soon as I sat down, I closed my eyes. I remember the peaceful face of the Japanese girl sitting in front of me. The only thing I knew was, I'd been asked to close my eyes and relax; there was no other influence to explain what happened then. After approximately a minute, I felt my eyes moving and a huge energy move inside my head. It was very strong, like a heat wave. Then, I felt something like pins and needles on the left side of my body. At the time, I was under a lot of pressure because of my job. It was a time of chronic fatigue. But after that first Jyorei session, I was full of life, had a positive attitude, and felt in my heart a strong curiosity and urge to look for God. And after I returned home, I visited Shumei's website (www.shumei.org) to get more information. Well, all this just to tell you of my surprise, seeing Misono among the site's photographs, I realized that this was the place I had dreamt about. Totally identical! This coincidence was one of the main reasons I joined Shumei. I strongly believe that in life nothing happens by chance.

Over time, as I continued receiving Jyorei at Milan's Center and widening my knowledge of Meishusama and texts from my own Roman Catholic religion, I realized that the key to everything is love. The Great Bright Light “Dai Koh Myo” is born uniquely for each person in the love of one God alone. Yes, a God that wants to give each one of us the possibility, through His Light of Love, to act rightly towards others and ourselves and to find the earthly paradise once more. Meishusama teaches us, “In the future, people have to learn to become citizens of the world.” I think this is a grand thought that we must attend to. In fact, Shumei doesn't just have a spiritual ideal, but also a social commitment–a recognition that today more than ever is the time of God's Light, the Light of love that relates God to Meishusama and to the world's people. During his life Meishusama demonstrated this love towards others and testified that through illness his continuous process of purification brought him closer to God. He also began construction of the Heavenly Paradise, testifying to God's message that tells of a rich land ready to bear fruit for everyone, if only there is love among those who believe in Him. Love for others. Jyorei's Light is a spiritual energy that lives in love, and in a love for nature, human beings, and all that God has created for us.

For this reason, in accord with Meishusama's teachings, Shumei has made a commitment to Natural Agriculture and to the beauty of men's works. Art is the biggest representation of man's soul.
All this led me, after a few months, to want to become a member of Shumei. On July 25, 2004, I received my ohikari from Joe Sensei of the London Center. It was a beautiful experience. The ceremony, the happiness and above all the energy that I felt come upon me made me truly happy. I must thank Hideaki who has stayed by me and whom I consider a true and genuine friend, without whom probably I wouldn't have found the courage to reach my goal. And thanks to Luciano Panciroli, too, whom I deeply esteem for his courage and the professional skills he uses to promote and give his full support to Shumei Italy. And let me thank my wife too, since she has always stood by me, never opposing me on my journey.

But let us get back to my experience. I must say that nowadays my faith in God has grown. I have experienced new events. For example, in the vicinity of sanctuaries or places of worship, I can feel Divine energy, the same energy I feel more strongly when I give or receive Jyorei, or when I enter Goshinzen, a sanctuary room. I am really convinced that Jyorei is the Divine strength that comes from prayer and from our ability to give and receive. As a matter of fact, Meishusama teaches us to give Jyorei while praying and asking for Divine intercession.

I have been studying Meishusama's teachings and reading some texts on Christian spiritual exercises. I have found that there are various similarities between the two. God is the source of love. Love is resplendent light that passes through us, making us reborn and purified. Light is born from the love existing between God, Meishusama and us. This Light is called various things: the Great Bright Light, the Holy Spirit, and others. All these similarities enabled me to become a Shumei Italy member without changing my religion, and what is more, my desire to look for God became even more enlightened.

Far from wanting members to change their faiths, we of Shumei are quite happy when people of other religions come to us as they are. Shumei wants to give harmony to all mankind, and wants to transform the whole world into one single family. We recognize all religions as our colleagues and, continuing our journey, we will join hands with others as a sign of our mutual friendship.

Finally, I would like to tell you a few experiences I have had during the past months since becoming a member of Shumei.

One day I gave Jyorei to a lady who was going through an obvious nervous breakdown. When I finished, her shy, faint smile gave me a welcome reward.
But my most beautiful experience took place during the Bologna Fair. I was on holiday in Tuscany, and on my return, I accepted an invitation to help at the fair. I managed to give Jyorei to at least fifteen or twenty people, all different from one another, some incredulous, some practicing Reiki, some just suffering. The episodes that touched me the most are three.

The first one is about an Australian girl who was outwardly smiling. We began Jyorei and I just kept on for a few minutes; often I do this because I hate looking at my watch when I feel in harmony with God and Meishusama. After about ten minutes, her head began swaying quickly from side to side, faster and faster. I was almost scared, but I went on praying. When we finished, she burst into tears, thanking me because it had been a fantastic experience. She said, “It's really God's energy.” She cried and smiled for a few minutes longer. Then I sent her to see Luciano Panciroli so she could have a talk with him and get information about the Center. Believe me, I was touched to see such a happy person.

The second experience deals with a Sicilian Reiki master who sat down and immediately told me, “Don't tell me anything about energy, because I've felt it when passing the stand.” Once he'd received Jyorei, he asked for information about our Center and told me that the energy he had felt was “Beautiful, better still—very beautiful.” Again in this case, new contacts were born.

The last case concerns a lady who from the first sight seemed scary. She had a dark, glassy cold look, but also seemed very unyielding, as if she wanted to challenge someone. Halfway through Jyorei, which was difficult for me as I felt a force that I can only describe as negative, she ran away, saying, “Okay! Okay!” This was enough of a goodbye.

In short, each person was a case in him or herself, and each time I felt more and more able to feel the entity's suffering. In fact, after many Jyorei sessions, I began to feel ahead of time what the person receiving Jyorei would tell me after the session ended. I will end by saying that what is beautiful about Jyorei is that the more one gives the more one feels good, and the more one would like to give it. I have also tried to give Jyorei in my office to some colleagues, but in Italy if you do not say that it is a NEW AGE technique, there is a lot of suspicion. I hope that in time Shumei Italy members will grow so we are able to do a lot of Jyorei and preserve Meishusama's teachings.

I address my prayer to all those who together want to build “Paradise on Earth” as soon as possible.