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The Power of Daily Prayer
Theresa F. Baker (Youngstown, Ohio)

The following is a transcript of the address given by Theresa F. Baker on September 12, 2004, at the 12th Anniversary Celebration of Shumei America's National Center.
I became a Shumei member Feb. 14, 1991. I would like to thank God and Meishusama for sending me my spiritual mother, Lavinia Choi (New York Center), who never gave up on me. She would always emphasize how awesome the blessings of God and Meishusama are.

In May of 1992, I had the privilege of visiting Misono. In that same year I also retired and relocated to Youngstown, Ohio. The New York Center had been a haven for me and had brought me so much comfort, energy and spiritual growth. So, I just couldn't imagine my home in Ohio without a Scroll of Light.* Alan Sensei enshrined the Scroll of Light in my home on October 16, 1993. It was then that I knew my new home was complete.

What a wonderful and peaceful feeling! Those who attended the Enshrinement of the Scroll of Light were from all denominations; however they accepted Jyorei with reverence. I can honestly say that being a Shumei member—giving and receiving Jyorei—has deepened my faith in God and Meishusama, and I believe I'm a better person and a better Catholic.

If I may, I would like to share with you two of the mysterious and miraculous happenings experienced after giving Jyorei to a family member and to a friend during their purifications. The first concerns my husband, Robert. Robert has had several illnesses since his retirement. The one I'd like to relate is the coronary heart by–pass surgery he underwent on June 15, 1998. He was in the Cleveland Clinic's treatment room at 5:30 A.M. I was in the family waiting room. I hadn't forgotten about chanting the Amatsunorito at sunrise on this special day. As the sun began to rise, it was so beautiful. I began to chant the Amatsunorito and proceeded with my other daily prayers, ending with Makoto—Sincerity and Truth. I was feeling joy and peace in my heart. When allowed back into the room with Robert, I gave him Jyorei. Afterwards, he told me that the nurse had told him that he was scheduled to have a triple by–pass. I told him it wouldn't be that extensive, and not to worry. Again, I gave Robert Jyorei. He was taken into surgery joking as usual, and in good spirits. I wasn't nervous or frightened. I believed that God was in charge, all was well, and there was nothing to fear. (When we have thoughts of love, peace, and trust in God, fear is dissolved). I was then told to wait in the family waiting room or go back to the hotel room, and the doctor would call me. It was about 9:00 A.M., so I went to my room and fell asleep. I was awakened at 1:00 P.M. by the heart surgeon who told me that Robert did very well and only had to have a single by–pass. He said that the mammary vessel in the chest area was used instead of removing a vein from Robert's leg. What a blessing! Robert made a fantastic recovery within a short period of time, and received Jyorei daily. Thank you, God, and Meishusama.

The other miraculous experience involved my neighbor, Rebecca Baker (no relation). Rebecca attended my Enshrinement Ceremony, and came on Wednesdays for Jyorei and to my Monthly Sampais. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, she came for Jyorei two to three times each week. At times, I would give her Jyorei in her home. However, she preferred to receive Jyorei in view of the Scroll of Light. Before Sampai, she would select one of her two favorite poems from Meishusama's collection of poems—”Signs of Divine Mercy” or “Sickness.”

After Jyorei, we would discuss her illness and her prognoses at great length. She was very apprehensive about receiving chemotherapy treatment, and we would discuss the different side effects. I would always follow her lead: If she thought what she said was humorous, I would laugh and joke right along with her. Rebecca never cried in my presence, or asked, “Why me?” We prayed together and tried to look at the brighter side of things because we knew we could not restrict or redirect God's plan. Before going for her final consultation with her doctor, Rebecca asked two of her relatives and me to go with her. To our surprise, he had good news. He showed her the X–rays and told her the cancer had not spread; once the breast was removed, she would not need any medication or chemotherapy. Rebecca couldn't utter a word! We were all so happy! Rebecca is a four–year cancer survivor without chemotherapy, complications or medication. What a blessing! Rebecca continues to receive Jyorei.

Since the Enshrinement of the Scroll of Light, I start my day with morning Sampai. I always allow at least thirty minutes for prayer before doing anything, no matter where I am, and the poem, “Divine Guidance,” is a must regardless of whatever poem is read for the day. I tell my friends that I move by “Divine Order” throughout the day. I do my evening Sampai thanking God and Meishusama for blessing my friends, family, and myself so abundantly.

Try doing Sampai twice a day. Try it! You'll be amazed how energized you become: when helping others, when there are things to be done around the house or when additional activities pop–up. When you've accomplished your tasks, you'll feel good about yourself and you'll be aware that without Him, you can do “nothing.” I believe “the way we spend our days is the way we spend our lives.” I consider daily prayer to be a significant part of my days, and my life.

Having a Scroll of Light in my home has brought me so much solace and unconditional love. Lavinia knew from experience how wonderful it is to know God and Meishusama, and she shared some of those experiences with me.

* A Scroll of Light is a revered scroll usually placed above an offering table in a Shumei Center or home. The Chinese characters depicted on it vary in significance but the central character always signifies Divine Light.