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At the Last Stage of Cancer
Chan Lai Fong (New York)

I became a Shumei member six years ago while I was undergoing therapy treatments after surgery to remove breast cancer. Since I needed to support my son for his college education, I went back to work and stopped going to the Center. About one and one-half years later, the doctor found the cancer had spread to my spine. He told me to complete unfinished business as soon as possible since I might die any time.

I went to the Shumei Center to pray. When I had the pouch containing my Ohikari* changed, a hair was found inside. The Assistant Sensei explained that having impurities found inside the Ohikari is a strong reminder from the spiritual world that some action is needed. She suggested one hundred days' Sampai, which would require me to come to the Center daily for one hundred consecutive days to chant and exchange Jyorei. I was hesitant at first because it was very difficult for me to walk over to the Center since the intensive therapy I received made me feel weak and dizzy. I preferred to make a monetary donation, instead. However, she said the donation from my heart could go with my prayer for the strength to overcome difficulty. Upon the insistence of the Assistant Sensei, I promised to do the one hundred days' Sampai.

I knew I had no choice since I was a dying person. I came to the Center with my pain; it was the only hope I had. Sometimes my husband helped me to walk over to the Center, and he picked me up after I finished Sampai. I prayed and did Jyorei, then I knelt down to clean up the floor and the bathroom. My lifestyle was totally changed. I did not feel anything was important in this world. I continued my daily Sampai well beyond the first one hundred days because I gradually felt better. After a year of continuous Sampai, the frequency of my therapy treatment was reduced, and my hair started growing back. In July of this year, the doctor told me that the cancer cells were all gone.

The doctor was amazed at my recovery, since I am about seventy years old and my cancer had been at such an advanced stage. He asked me if I believed in God or any religion. When I said yes, he put his hands together and gratefully thanked God for the blessing. He also said I am the only case in New York with such a recovery.

* The Ohikari is a Scroll of Light, inside a protective white silken pouch, that members wear around their necks. The pouch is attached to a white cord, or golden chain, so that it may be suspended from the neck. The Ohikari is always worn when giving Jyorei.