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A Miracle to Share
Paul Dunne (London)

Each morning I pray and give thanks to Meishusama for this chance of a second life and for all the miracles I have witnessed and continue to witness since receiving my Ohikari.* I have recently been blessed with yet another amazing miracle, which I feel compelled to share.

Here in London, for many months now we have been visiting different homes two to three times a week, where friends and family are invited to receive Jyorei. On Friday, April 23 of this year, four of us from the Center arrived at this particular house and I was to conduct the session. I began by leading the Amatsunorito chant. My role then was to organize the seating, time the sessions and generate some Irish humor to lighten the atmosphere. Before starting these sessions I always make sure those who have a serious problem such as Parkinson’s disease, someone who has suffered a stroke, or those not feeling well start at the top seat and work down to receive as many Jyorei experiences as they can. And so we began another great night, where over 40 people came to share this beautiful Light.

Some time after we had started, a man arrived with a child in his arms and told me she was very ill. I instructed him to start at the top and work down the line receiving Jyorei from all four of us, ending with myself, which he did with this beautiful yet very weak looking child in his arms. Before he left with his daughter, he was given the address where we would be giving Jyorei on Monday, April 26.

On the following evening, Saturday, April 24, 15 new people received Ohikaris, and the forthcoming Monday would be somewhat special as the house where the Jyorei activity was to take place would be Nila’s, who was one of the 15 new members. Again, four of us from the Center arrived, including Joe Sensei and me, and the house was packed with many people waiting to give and receive Jyorei. Joe conducted this session, and again among those who came was the man holding his sick child. To my recollection, he received Jyorei three times while holding his little girl, as the heat of the room with so many people had become intense and uncomfortable for the child and the father. I overheard that he had come a long way and was in fact living about five miles from my home. I asked Nila to get his address and telephone number or alternatively give him my mobile number where he could come to my home to receive Jyorei.

Weeks went by and I never heard from the father as we continued our Jyorei activities. Then, as the last week in May approached, we had booked a booth at the Mind, Body, and Spirit exhibition that was to begin on Wednesday May 26 through to the bank holiday Monday May 31. I put myself down to cover Saturday, Sunday and Monday at the exhibition. On Friday night I was to conduct another Jyorei session at another house. But before that took place, I got a call on my mobile that afternoon from the grandfather of the little girl and he was very distraught. He told me that the child had not eaten for days, and was not holding down water. They had taken her to the doctor and he had sent them to the hospital but they could not tell what was wrong with the child. I asked him to bring the child to me at my home at 4:30 p.m. On this occasion the child was in the arms of her mother, accompanied by her 11–year–old sister and the grandparents. The child looked extremely thin and was very weak. She asked for some water. I gave her a small glass of water, which she drank. However, within seconds she vomited it into a plastic bag the mother was carrying.

I began by chanting the Amatsunorito and then gave Jyorei for 20 minutes to the mother and child. I suggested that all present receive Jyorei, explaining to them that as they are spiritually connected to the child through spiritual cords this would also help the child. At this point, I needed to put a name on the child so I could pray for her. Her name was Manisha, and she had just turned five years old a few weeks prior. I told the family to buy fresh flowers for the home as I felt that the beauty of flowers would play their part, and that I would come and see Manisha on Tuesday evening as I knew I was booked to attend the exhibition for the Saturday, Sunday and Monday. As I was working Tuesday morning and doing a Jyorei walk–in clinic at the Kulubi center Tuesday afternoon, I truly felt this was the earliest time I could next see the little girl. But Meishusama had different plans! I started giving Jyorei at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday at the exhibition, and at around 2:00 p.m. all of a sudden seven people came to give Jyorei so I gave up my chair and said goodbye, telling Jack I would be back in the morning.

Having made my way home and enjoyed a cup of tea, I then asked Meishusama to direct my evening. Before I knew it, I was making arrangements to visit three homes to give Jyorei, starting with Manisha. I was warmly received at their home and began by chanting the Amatsunorito. After about five minutes into giving her Jyorei in the arms of her father, she got very hot and asked for some water. Her mother was standing at the ready with a plastic bag, but it was not needed at this point and I gave her 20 minutes of Jyorei and she fell asleep. The dad then put her to bed. In addition to Manisha, that evening I gave Jyorei to the mother, the father and the 11–year–old sister and they all had remarkable Jyorei experiences, seeing blue and white lights, etc. I also noticed there were three vases of fresh flowers in the room. At that point I made the decision to stay with this beautiful child, Manisha, on her journey. I truly felt she was wasting away and that the family was completely drained by the whole experience. I promised to come back Sunday night about 8:00 p.m. after the exhibition.

Sunday evening I arrived at the house and again Manisha was in the arms of her mother. She was very weak. Both grandparents were there. The grandmother was in tears, as she had played a big part in raising Manisha while the parents worked, and she felt Manisha was fading. Equally, the grandfather was drained and felt helpless. The atmosphere was very strained and tense. But the good news was that Manisha had held down the glass of water she had drunk the night before, and she had slept through till 3:00 a.m. I also woke at 3:00 a.m., and I wonder about this. I immediately reacted positively to the fact that Manisha had held down the water. I said, “My God, that’s fantastic, that’s progress. She will get better.” Again, I chanted the Amatsunorito before starting Jyorei and again Manisha fell asleep and her dad put her to bed. I then gave Jyorei to the grandparents, the parents, and the sister, telling them I would be back the next night.

Monday I covered the whole day at the exhibition and Jack asked me to bring the chairs and posters back to the Center when we had finished. Up to this point I hadn’t told Jack about this family. Now I explained how critical this child was and I asked him to come with me as it was getting late and after a long day six people were awaiting Jyorei—one critical, and five now almost critical. So we headed towards the house, arriving about 8.20 p.m. When we arrived at the front door we were met by a beaming father and a house full of smiling people. Little Manisha was happily playing with some toys, and had eaten some fruit, cereal, and had drunk water from early morning. I fell to my knees beside her and began to play along side her, witnessing her walking for the first time and holding a conversation with me. I was in shock. I asked the parents to explain to Jack how ill this girl had been, which they did. The father then said to me, “I knew you were coming and I wanted her recovery to be a surprise.” The relief on the faces of all was of pure Light. We chanted the Amatsunorito, this time with thanks, and gave Jyorei to the family. As Jack stood to give Jyorei to the father, I got on my knees to give Jyorei to his beautiful little angel, Manisha. As she sat with her hands opened, receiving her first Jyorei on her own, I could not stop the tears of joy from flowing down my face. As we made our way back to the Center, I rang my daughters to share the wonderful news.

Yesterday, Manisha and her family attended our monthly Sampai in thanksgiving for this wonderful miracle.

* An Ohikari is an individual Scroll of Light worn by all Shumei members when giving Jyorei.