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It Is My Turn to Help Others
Reiko Ogawa (Sendai, Japan)

Ms Ogawa has been a member of Shumei since 1985 and is a member of our Sandai Center in Japan.

On the morning of March 23, 1988, I was riding my bike on my way to work as usual. However, on that particular day the road's surface was very slippery due to an early morning rain. While I was cycling down the same familiar slope that I did every workday, the bike kept accelerating. It went faster and faster until, trying to make a turn, I crashed into the wall in front of me. I was thrown into the air and found myself lying on the pavement. Usually there are few people on the roads at that time of day but on this particular morning there were many construction workers around. They called an ambulance for me. I tried to get up but I could not. I did not understand what had happened.

At the hospital the diagnosis was that my neck was severely damaged. The fifth and sixth vertebras were dislocated, leaving only a one–millimeter connection between them. I was told that I would never completely recover and would probably spend the rest of my life either bedridden or in a wheelchair. At first I could not believe what I heard, but soon afterwards I decided to be grateful that I was still alive. Anyway, I surely felt that there was some hidden reason for this accident to have happened.

Some friends from Shumei came to the hospital several times to give me Jyorei. They gave me Jyorei while I was in the operating room and in my own hospital room, even though the doctors and nurses looked at them curiously. Whenever I received Jyorei, my neck bones made a snapping sound, I began to feel strength in my fingertips again, and the dull pain in my neck would disappear.

I chanted the Amatsunorito every morning and evening in my bed, read Meishusama's writings, and received Jyorei several times a day. On my third night in the hospital I had a fit of sneezing so loud that perhaps a wind gauge might have measured its velocity at sixty-five mph. The sneezing fits continued for three days and two hours.

The day after the sneezing stopped, I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom by myself. On my way back to my room, a nurse found me and put me in a wheelchair. Soon after, my doctor ran to me and asked if I really could stand up and walk. Watching me walk, he was astonished by the reality that was in front of him. He told me that he had never believed in God but that this indeed was a miracle. It was later that the doctors found that my neck bones had returned to their normal position.

Meishusama made possible that which was beyond the limits of medical science. I often wonder what shape I would be in today if I had not been a member of Shumei, if I had not experienced Jyorei, and if people had not the kindness of heart to pray for others.

Since being given this new life through Meishusama and his gift of Jyorei, which is also called the “Art of Life,” I am firmly determined to dedicate the rest of my own life to Meishusama's great vision that heaven on earth will be realized one day. After my recovery, I have come to realize that now it is my turn to pray for others and help them by the practice of Jyorei.