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You Are Love
Teres LaRocca (North Carolina)

The following is the transcript of an address given by new Shumei America member Teres LaRocca on May 4, 2004, at Grand Sampai in Misono, Japan.

Although we are all here together as citizens of the world, I was born in Southern Italy and moved to the United States when I was nine months old. I came here from North Carolina, where I live. I am wondrously blessed to have received my Ohikari* presented by Eugene Sensei last December 14, 2003, at Kaishusama’s Memorial Sampai at Pasadena, California. It was a most reverent honor.

After the great gift of being able to give Jyorei to Bobby Okuda, who had healed me and brought me into Shumei under the powerful, gentle instruction of Eugene Imai Sensei, the literal heat of Divine Light was intense as my Ohikari was actually burning hot to the touch. Now my passion burns to do more and more Jyorei.

My first experience with Jyorei was last year on September 14, 2003, in Raleigh, North Carolina, at the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo. These expositions are presented across the United States where 60–100 different healing and spiritual modalities come together under one roof for a weekend.

I suffered a car accident July 1, 2002. I tried most conventional and alternative modalities of healing, such as acupuncture, Reiki, chiropractic, and even Duke Hospital. Yet, I was still unable to utilize my right arm. I could not even pick up a cup of water or open a door. I saw Bobby Okuda giving Jyorei at the expo as I walked by, and I thought, “I wonder what that is?” Fortunately, I attended his lecture on Jyorei where he did a demonstration on a woman. It was at the demonstration that I saw a big beam of light come down onto Bobby, and a beam of light going out of his hand to the woman. I got in line so fast!

After waiting an hour, it was finally my turn. As soon as Bobby said, “Please bow your head,” I felt energy—like a lion roaring—run down the right side of my chest. I was so surprised I interrupted the session because I looked up so quickly in amazement. Later, the energy moved to the muscles in my arm and they twitched visibly for three days. Since all the doctors had given up, they had now passed me on to a neurologist. My appointment was Monday, the very next day. The neurologist wrote in his report: abnormal muscle twitching. Since then I have been able to use my arm fine. As a matter of fact, I can hold it up all day long from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the expos giving Jyorei. I am so grateful to Bobby for his marathon efforts at bringing Jyorei to all of us across the entire United States of America.

All of the healers and doctors that had tried to assist me were sincere in their efforts, and although the cost was high, the prices were standard for those disciplines. Blessedly, I recognized the pure, simple Divine power of Jyorei. I had been praying for a year, asking God how I could help the most people with a natural healing gift I had received when I turned 40 years of age. I had also received a message of doing world healing. Now, I knew that Jyorei was the answer to that prayer. I picked up a magazine from the Jyorei table and decided to go to Crestone in January to learn about Jyorei. Everything was speeded up when I read an October spiritual events calendar for North Carolina and saw Bobby Okuda and Jyorei listed for The Dancing Moon Bookstore in Raleigh. I immediately made a list of all the people to share Jyorei with. I took three days off from work and actually drove across town, taking people by the hand to receive Jyorei. The very first day a colleague of mine from American Airlines came to see Bobby. His name is Bob McAlpine, and he has suffered from prostate cancer for two years. At work, we no longer recognize him as the same person, as he looks so old and tired. Well, he went to work that evening, energized and smiling for the first time in years. Everyone noticed. In fact, my supervisor, Art Sidden, called Bob into his office to make a list of all the people that were out of work with serious illnesses as he thought they should go and receive Jyorei. The very next day, Art, himself, even went on his lunch hour and waited a long time to receive Jyorei. Due to this experience, he later took a stand for Jyorei, and greatly assisted me in being able to present Jyorei at the office. I received an update from Bob on April 28. His doctor said that from his scan it looks like nothing ever happened to him. Bob is going be interviewed this month, for his biography to be published in the National Yoga Magazine.

In December I went to Los Angeles to receive my Ohikari. On my return flight home on the following Monday, I was blessed to be able to give Jyorei to eight people, one even before our flight took off from the runway. Meishusama and Kaishusama orchestrated all these events. I just said, “Yes,” as each opportunity was presented to offer Jyorei. The next day, I set up a table at the American Airlines Southeast Reservations Office and continue to offer Jyorei there once every week. I also give Jyorei to a few people every evening after work. The people at work are beginning to recognize the pure, simple Divine power of Jyorei, and many say that Tuesday is their favorite day now. They are giving up a lot of their short break and lunchtime to receive Jyorei, and they’re sharing news of their results with other colleagues. I set up the table in a high traffic area so that every week two–three new people come as well. This is where I received my first diligent training from Bobby Okuda on Kaishusama’s way. Here, Bobby firmly directed me, “more focus.” Not giving attention to all the other people was hard for me at first in this setting where one thousand people are my friends. As friends walked by and warmly greeted me, I hesitated to fail to acknowledge them, thereby disrespecting them. I listened intently as Okuda very firmly stated that Kaishusama healed everyone. Now, I see his determination and state this truth, “Kaishusama healed everyone” every time I give Jyorei to a person.

On February 1, I woke up at 3:00 a.m., and had a vision of a giant golden glowing ball of light at the foot of my bed, knowing the presence to be Meishusama at Hollywood; then Bobby, about one–fifth the size of the light presence, was standing there focused on the light. I had a sense of the light telling me to “come.” I almost went to the airport to make the 6:00 a.m. flight. I called Bobby in the morning, and he informed me of a class I could come and observe on February 4, “Seijinkai.” I have been greatly blessed in being able to attend these classes, and to be in Eugene Sensei’s presence to hear his words about Meishusama. This is enabling me to give the most powerful Jyorei to people. Every week when I give Jyorei at American Airlines after returning from Los Angeles, my people inform me that the energy has intensified.

I am also able to attend the Pasadena Center Monthly Sampais. The first one I attended on March 14 was dedicated to Kaishusama. I am so blessed. Since January, I have been able to attend nine Body Mind Spirit Expos across the United States. The feedback we receive at these expos from the other spiritual healers, who recognize the Divine power of Jyorei, is truly amazing. From their booths, far from our Jyorei booth, they can feel the energy opening their hearts, see the Light shining so brightly, and feel the river of calm flowing from our Jyorei booth. They come to receive. Also, hearing from so many people that we take away their pain touches me deeply. I thank Meishusama for this great gift. At the April 3 Expo in Ashville, North Carolina, Jyorei was recognized on the evening news. Giant banners of Bobby giving Jyorei are now positioned over every expo entrance across the United States, and will continue to be all year in every city. Steve and Megan Mitchell, co–owners of the expo, elected to display Bobby Okuda giving Jyorei in order to convey his presence of Light and love for all, and to convey to each person attending the expo the healing of peace and harmony.

Once, while giving Jyorei to Bob outdoors in a park surrounded by pine trees, I received a simple and pure Divine message. I tried as long as I could to be quiet due to Bobby Okuda’s diligent training on focus. However, it became harder to not deliver the message than to deliver it, and I remembered Bobby Okuda’s mother’s great gift. So I had to tell him the simple truth, as I am here to tell it to you now: “The truth is you are love.” We are doing true healing of Light and love for all people. It is highly evident that our paths are being cleared with Light and love by Meishusama and Kaishusama. Each step is being presented to us. As we graciously take each step, gifts beyond our imagining are revealed.

I will bring back a Scroll of Light** to North Carolina, and I intend to assist with all my being the spread of the Light of Jyorei across the United States of America. Thank you, Meishusama. Thank you, Kaishusama. Thank you, Mikotosama. Thank you, Kaicho–Sensei.

* An Ohikari is the small, individual Scroll of Light always worn suspended from the neck when Jyorei is given.

** Scrolls of Light contain calligraphic characters that signify Divine Light. A Scroll of Light was enshrined in Teres’ home in early June, 2004.